Become Co-fit 2021 with us

You are a young, small business with innovative Ideas in the Beauty and Lifestyle area and have also been through a shitty year like us? Then we maybe would go with you for a little while or longer. And as it is like between couples, you are there for each other. And there we at Co-fit, becoming fit together for the future, as everyone puts their strengths in a pot and something special produces. Let’s take the chance, which we wouldn’t have in some other case.

Our Life is aesthetic and design. Is it yours also?

Beauty and Lifestyle

If you are also passionate about the beautiful things in life, and you are one of the young entrepreneurs who have also made this their profession, then that is already the first requirement for our project. If 2020 almost killed you, and you don't have the opportunity to really get going again, then you will definitely be interested in our idea. If you can imagine a creative cooperation with us, then we should talk.

That’s Co-fit 2021


We love being creative and evolving. It's even more fun with new joint ideas and inputs.


We have resources lying idle or not being used enough. That is why we would like to make them available to you in the project.


Our customers expect up-to-date communication on relevant topics. Together, we can meet this requirement.


The spacious business and storage areas are ideal for your logistical needs. Regardless of whether you deliver or are delivered.


Cooperation is economically attractive because we benefit from each other. Exactly what your lean reboot needs right now.


Trust is the basis for partnerships so that you can safely pursue your plans. Seriousness is therefore a must.

Do you want to go with us?

We want to ask you if you would like to go with us because we find you interesting, innovative, trustworthy, and you are very attractive. With us, you will find a stylish, urban environment with plenty of space for your creativity and ideas. There is enough space for your products and many discerning customers who you reach directly with your creations. In addition, we also have one or the other quiet corner where you can do your office work in peace.

What we can offer

What we expect

Let’s talk

Your contact is completely non-binding. If you are interested and want details, just write to us, and we will get back to you to discuss everything else. You can always decide whether you want to go with us or not. But better ask than miss the chance.

Here you can upload a maximum of 10 photos (max. 10 MB file size) or files such as PDF (e.g. folder):

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