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From washing, cutting, blow-drying, coloring to trimming beard and styling, we make your hair dreams come true. If you feel like it, combine your visit to our hairdresser with other services such as cosmetics, waxing, mani and pedicures or a massage.

More than a haircut

True to our philosophy, we try to do more and be better than the average. That is why our team includes only experienced and qualified people who love their job. This is the only way we can offer you more than a nice haircut with standard laundry. We always try to be up-to-date with the trends in styles, techniques and products, without chasing every breeze. That's why you get solid professional performance from us at fair prices. Long live your hair.


Cool cuts for women and men - beards too - underline your type. Good care and color ensure a radiant top look.


The possibilities with the right colors are almost limitless. With the perfect technique, we achieve stunning results.


Good cuts and colors only come into their own with the right care. Masks and conditioners ensure great healthy hair.

Usually one thinks that "extensions" look unnatural, feel that way and that a hair extension damages the own hair. Not with hairdreams. Convince yourself of the special quality of Hairdreams hair extensions and densifications.

Your hair dream

Long, well-groomed hair has always been the epitome of feminine beauty. Nothing has changed to this day. But the dream of perfect, long hair is often difficult to fulfill.

It's quicker, easier and more convenient with Hair Creation from Hairdreams. This is practically indistinguishable from natural hair and enables you to fulfill your wishes in terms of hair length and density in the shortest possible time, whereby almost any styling remains possible.

We are happy to advise you without obligation and free of charge. Make an appointment at +43 662 231054 or online via our appointment booking system.

We aim for your style

Es zählt das Ergebnis, nicht der Weg dorthin. Was interessieren dich Vorgänge und Abläufe, wenn du eine sensationelle Haarfarbe, einen coolen Cut und das perfekte Styling möchtest? Darum machen wir mit WELLA möglich, was auch immer dein Stylewunsch ist.

Erlebe die unendliche Vielfalt bei Haarfarben. Entdecke eine unendliche Welt voller Farbmöglichkeiten und Kreativität. Kraftvollen Farbstoffkonzentrate verleihen deinen Haaren eine einzigartige Leuchtkraft und Brillanz. Lass deiner eigenen Kreativität freien Lauf.

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Questions and answers

Hier findest du die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten zu Kosmetik & Waxing. Solltest du hier nicht die passende Antwort auf deine Frage finden, kannst du uns jederzeit telefonisch, über Facebook oder über das Formular unten kontaktieren.


Gewaschenes Haar ist bei uns aus hygienischen und qualitativen Gründen Pflicht. Die Haarwäsche ist in unserem Angebot grundsätzlich immer enthalten, im Einzelfall kann unser Experte entscheiden, ob es nötig ist oder nicht.

We keep it here with the standards of all hairdressers. Short hair ends at the chin, medium length hair at the shoulders and all lengths beyond that are considered long. After that, you can also orientate yourself with our prices.

A simple care or quick care is a conditioner that closes the cuticle of the hair. The mask, however, is applied to the hair and remains there for at least 10 minutes to act effectively on the hair.

Normal color and bleaching is a permanent solution that has to be corrected by the natural offspring. Tints have a shelf life of up to 24 washes. During this period, it can be refreshed or renewed.

Coloring from dark to blonde is basically possible. Since hair health is a priority, this can only be done in several sessions, depending on the starting and final color. Bleaching in a single pass would irreversibly destroy your hair and the result would not be satisfactory. That's why you need a little patience for such a color wish.

Since different amounts of material are required depending on the hair thickness, length and color intensity, the need can vary greatly from person to person. Good, high-quality hair colors and bleaching, as we use them, are already expensive to buy. That is why we cannot set a uniform price for coloring or bleaching. We would be happy to give you an estimate in advance of how high this material requirement will be approximately for your desired color.

With the balayage technique, the strands of hair are taken loosely in the hand and coated with the paint, similar to a sweeping movement. In this way, differently intense color mixtures can be created. The hairline remains largely unaffected by balayage. The coloring is applied in the length and especially in the tips, the strongest in the areas that frame the face. With balayage you can perfectly emphasize contours and achieve great effects. The transitions between the tinted strands are fluid and soft, so the result looks very natural.

Ombré (also called Dip Dye) is a color gradient technique: dark approach or lengths, depending on where the color change begins, and lightened tips. If the main hair is lighter and overflows into a darker shade - mostly split in half and half - the look is referred to as two tone. In contrast to the balayage technique, the top trend ombré hair and the two-tone style do not occasionally work with highlights. The colorations are applied approximately at the level of the ears or deeper and cover the hair ends completely. This results in a striking style. While at Ombré & Co. the two colors can be clearly distinguished from each other, the differently toned high and low lights form a natural-looking work of art for balayage hair.

Friseurtermine kannst du telefonisch oder per WhatsApp unter +43 681 84875299 oder über Instagram unter @dorellahair buchen. Bitte beachte, dass Termine spätestens 24h vor davor kostenlos storniert werden können.

Certain hairstyles or techniques are so different based on individual circumstances that we cannot offer a standardized appointment booking. These special treatments require prior advice and an assessment of how long the appointment will take and how the costs are made up. That is why you cannot book these services online, but you can always book them over the phone.

Hair Extensions

Eine Haarverlängerung ist bereits ab einer eigenen Haarlänge von 10 bis 15 Zentimeter möglich.

With thorough care, the hair extension can be raised approx. 4-5 times*, with around 2 months in between. So you have your extension in perfect condition for up to 10 months.

* Since your hair is growing in the meantime, the hair extension must be set up at regular intervals.

Since the hair extension and thickening is real hair, it can also be tinted or dyed. The only restriction here is for lighter shades or bleaching (even with strands), which is unfortunately not possible. The tinting or coloring must be carried out professionally by specialists, since the process requires special treatment in terms of dosage and exposure time.

Hair extension or thickening is always a very individual matter, because everyone has different requirements and has their own ideas about the end result. Therefore the final price depends on various factors such as the desired hair length, the required number of strands, the type of strands, the desired hair quality (at Hairdreams there is a 5* and a 7* quality), a possible special order etc. All these factors are clarified in a non-binding, free, detailed consultation and the final price is determined on the basis of this. You can still decide whether you want to do the extension or thickening or not.

The actual process of hair extension basically depends on the type (quikkies or secrets) and the number of strands. On average, it takes no more than an hour to apply all the required strands perfectly and almost seamlessly to your own hair. After the extension, however, it is still necessary to wash, cut, dye, etc. your entire new hairstyle - as with a normal visit to the hairdresser - this time still needs to be added or included.

We differentiate between two basic types of hair thickening with the Hairdreams system: the targeted filling of thinner or light areas with individual strands, on the one hand, or a complete thickening of the upper part of the head by means of a braided or - in the case of a completely bald upper part - glued on hair part.

Of course, all information and information applies to women as well as to men. Especially with light hair, great results can be achieved with Hairdreams. Even with a completely bald head, hair pieces can also be stuck on permanently.

Hair thickening with a complete hair piece lasts up to three years. The hair piece must be retightened or replaced every 5-6 weeks, depending on the hair growth. This process takes approx. half an hour, up to an hour at most. The hairpiece can also be cleaned thoroughly during this time.

The treatment of your hair extension or thickening is completely problem-free and uncomplicated, since you can basically care for it like your own hair. To keep the quality and the optimal condition as long as possible, you should only use high-quality care products and not be too coarse when brushing.

Hairdreams is an Austrian company based in Graz, the hair is europid (hair with a European hair structure that differs significantly from Asian and African hair) and all strands and hair pieces are exclusively made or processed in Europe. If you are interested, you can find more information on the Hairdreams website.

In the course of the consultation, the color of the strands is determined as close as possible to your real hair color. After the extension or thickening, the color is perfectly adjusted with a suitable tint, so that there is definitely no difference between your own and the extended hair. In addition, there is of course also the possibility of completely tinting or coloring the finished result - i.e. your own hair including extension or compression.

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