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Is your appearance important to you? Then you are in good hands with us. A well-groomed appearance is a must these days. That's why we make sure you look great so that you feel completely comfortable as a man again. And all the ladies love a sleek man, for sure.

Do the right thing

There are many areas on the male body that require constant attention. Today, masculinity is no longer associated with wild and unkempt, but with a cultivated masculine demeanor. This includes well-groomed nails as well as restrained body hair and healthy skin. A few essential products for at home such as a face and eye cream, plus tonic, cleansing and mask are now indispensable. All of this is less of a hassle than you think, and the result pays off. So don't give the Neanderthal in you a chance.


With our special cosmetic facial and body treatments we give your skin longevity and new shine. Because men have a skin too which needs care.


A well-groomed appearance is part of the modern man. We have a wide range of products for this, from manicures to waxing to hairdressers.


Whether short, medium or long hair, straight, curls or beard, if you have hair on your head, you are right with us because hair is our thing.

Style yourself like a man

Nothing fits you better than a stylish haircut. No matter how long or voluminous your hair is, a good haircut will get the most out of your appearance and underline your personality with style. The same applies to your beard if you are a beard. And it's already a beard, even if it's only a week old. Uncontrolled proliferation of hair on your head and face may turn your irrepressible creative inside out, but if you are dealing with other people, then you have a definite advantage with a modern hairstyle and a contemporary beard cut.

Questions and answers

Men's cosmetics have always been just as there are for women. Cosmetics for men have become increasingly frowned upon in the past few decades, as apparently too much femininity has been attributed to men's care. This development has successfully stopped male role models and stars from sport, culture and public life and vice versa. There are now countless products and offers for men's cosmetics. And it has become indispensable to be well-groomed and well-styled even as a man.

Body and face care for men is in no way feminine and has not been exotic for a long time. Modern men emphasize their masculinity by consciously emphasizing and caring for their masculine features and parts of the body. Beautiful hands and feet, hair-free parts of the body and beautiful, firm skin are a sign of self-confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth.

For this purpose we only work for beauticians and depiladoras who have learned their profession and already have the relevant experience to achieve outstanding results that are perfectly tailored to you.

Facial treatments are special cosmetic treatments that use various techniques and substances to influence the condition of the skin in order to improve it visibly and as permanently as possible. This includes simple masks with active ingredients as well as cleaning and exfoliating the skin in order to revitalize and tighten it. The same applies to body treatments, which, however, are applied over a large area and mostly affect selected parts of the body that require appropriate attention, e.g. due to signs of fatigue or aging.

The duration of the treatments is as varied as the treatments themselves. This ranges from the five-minute (and incidentally completely painless) removal of the nose or ear hair with wax to the one and a half hour facial treatments of all kinds. If you combine treatments, it naturally takes longer. But we make sure that the time feels like a compressed wellness stay.

Pain is generally very subjective. It also depends a lot on which part of the body is waxed. In general, however, the pain is absolutely bearable, in some cases the treatments are even painless, e.g. the removal of nose or ear hair. With regular use, the sensation improves and the hair is usually finer and less.

A manicure includes the entire care of your hands, mainly the nails and the nail bed. This includes trimming and filing the nails as well as gently removing the cuticles. If desired, a hand mask and a hand massage can be made for particularly soft hands.

A pedicure is similar to a manicure. After a relaxing and soothing foot bath, excess cornea is removed and the toenails trimmed and filed. A pleasant foot cream gives the skin the moisture it needs to remain supple after the treatment. Ongoing care by applying cream at home is essential here.

A barber is actually a barber who also cuts beards. We are a women's and men's hairdresser who cuts beards with everything that goes with them, such as the hot compress, shaving foam and razor for your perfect contours, a modern beard cut no matter what length and the beard care with well-known special products after Treatment. You can also buy these from us, because we know how important your beard is to you.

Since we have an extensive range of treatments for men and our philosophy is the all-in-one concept for women and men, i.e. where all genders feel good, we of course also have our own men's products for use and for purchase in the studio. These range from products for the skin on the face and body to care for your hair and beard. We obtain our beard care products from Beard & Shave, among others.

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